Who are we?

HawkerHeroes.sg is a ground-up initiative started by 2 Singaporeans to support the hawkers during this pandemic.
With the voices of the hawkers, we aim to preserve, protect and publicize the hawker culture.

We are your ordinary singaporeans, taking time beyond our regular jobs to fight this battle together with our beloved hawkers. HawkerHeroes is our personal social give-back project, so we seek your patience and forgiveness for any shortcomings.

Why do we do this?

One of our grandpa was a butcher in Dover market decades ago, so we spent many good times in the wet market and hawker centre. Moments like these created a sense of closeness with the surroundings.

After the announcement of the CB, we saw the hawker centres were greatly affected.What struck us the most was seeing the younger hawkers piled with takeaways but the older uncles and aunties sat there almost helplessly.  Other platforms takes up to 30% commission from them, which is too much for them to bear. So we decided to fill that gap and do it free for them. 

By doing what we do, not only do we hope to bring sales to them, we want them to know that they’re not alone. We, the next generation, cares.

We DO NOT take any commission/advertising/signing-up fees from the hawkers. Every single cent of the food cost goes directly back to them.

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